We have three pairs of tickets to The New Pornographers show, tomorrow night, at the Henry Fonda Theater to give away to A.D. readers. Want to go? Send an email with your name and a valid email address to: aquariumdrunkard @ gmail dot com. First three senders get ’em. Tickets are gone…

The New Pornographers :: Myriad Harbor
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2 Responses to “New Pornographers :: Los Angeles, Tix, 9-20-07”

  1. Love the return to the old comments style. Too bad I don’t live in LA – I’d be trying to get the tix…

  2. Thanks for tickets, the show was Vancouverlicious. After “Lavender Diamond” (It hurts to type a name so ridiculous) sang, my Vancouver friend informed me that twee female vocals were a definite trend in those parts. I fell in love with her atmospheric, haunting voice – I’m curious how it will sound with headphones rather than bouncing around the music box. I found “Awkward Stage” unremarkable, that is, I have no remark about them.

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