Midlake’s “Roscoe” was our favorite single of 2006, so we are more than a little excited to see the Denton, TX band pay a visit to the Henry Fonda Theatre Tuesday night.

We have threepairs of tickets to give away, so if you’re in the Los Angeles area and want to see the band, hit us up at: aquariumdrunkard @ gmail dot com, with MIDLAKE TICKETS in the email header. Oh, and, please, include your full name – this is very important for will call.

Midlake :: Young Bride

Video: Midlake :: Roscoe

www.midlake.net ++ www.myspace.com/midlake ++ eMusic

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2 Responses to “Midlake :: Los Angeles @ The Henry Fonda Theatre”

  1. A brilliant band – one of Texas’s finest. I’m so proud to see an old roommate succeed like this. Go see the show – you won’t be disappointed.

  2. And sorry for the (unintentional) name drop. Not my intent. Damn Makers Mark. Yeah for Midlake still.

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