José González

To dismiss José González as just another tired, folk-based, singer-songwriter is to miss the point entirely. Granted, since the beginning of the decade, the resurgence of the ‘quiet is the new loud’ aesthetic has churned out some questionable talent, but, thankfully, González’s schtizz trumps any such description.

José González :: Teardrop (massive attack cover)
MP3: José González :: Heartbeats (knife cover)
MP3: José González :: Futures (w/ zero 7)
Amazon: José González – In Our Nature
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2 Responses to “José González :: In Our Nature”

  1. jose’s cover of “heartbeats” was so good i thought it was the original (i heard it in that dreamy sony bravia commercial). im glad he’s getting all the attention now.


  2. really loved these samples- he’s got such an easy voice to listen to. found something else I thought was interesting-not quite in the same genre, but it’s pretty good. This Indonesian band called White Shoes & the Couples Company- you can get a free MP3 at

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