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We are back in L.A. — the regular A.D. posting schedule has returned. Let’s begin by having you all mark those calendars for October 18th, as Aquarium Drunkard is presenting two of our favorite local bands; The Parson Redheads, and Le Switch, along with The Weather Underground and Acute, live at Spaceland.

We have three pairs of tickets to give away for the show, so to get your hands on a pair, leave your name, a valid email address and your favorite working Los Angeles band in the comment section below. Winners will be notified via email by the end of the weekend.

* Read my Aji-Signal profile on The Parson Redheads, here: Originally formed in Portland, OR, the Parson Redheads moved south, to the sunny climes of Los Angeles, all the while growing their band, their sound, and their live reputation. Describing their sound, to the uninitiated, involves a number of touchstones, mostly from the late ‘60s and early ‘70s, beginning with the letter B – think: Byrds; think Burritos; think Beach Boys. An over simplification? Absolutely. Appropriate? Indeed.

* Read my Aji-Signal profile on Le Switch, here: Fronted by singer/songwriter Aaron Kyle, Le Switch formed in early 2006, began gigging steadily in and around the eastside music scene, released an EP, and has been picking up serious steam, both literally and critically, over the past six months. Employing a timeless mix of guitar, bass, keys and drums, Le Switch deftly augment their boozy, barroom pop sound with multi-instrumentalist Maria DeLuca’s viola and trumpet interspersed throughout their set. Deluca’s subtle textures, combined with Kyle’s trademark lyrical howl, make up Le Switch’s secret weapon. When the two come together, expertly backed on drums/percussion by Joe Napolitano, Josh Charney on keys, and Christopher Harrison on bass, even the most jaded hipster in the bar can’t help but take notice.

The Parson Red Heads :: Punctual As Usual
MP3: The Parson Red Heads :: Sister
Purchase: The Parson Red Heads – King Giraffe ++ ++

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4 Responses to “Aquarium Drunkard Presents :: Parson Redheads”

  1. My favorite LA band? Le Switch, natch.

  2. Hi! Commenting for tickets…duh!! So, I have two favorite bands – Le Switch and I Make this Sound! Yay, hope I win!!! This show will be really fun, seen The Parsons and Le Switch before. Thanks!

  3. I like both these bands but if I had to pick an LA favorite right now I’d have to go with Broken West….power poppy goodness.

  4. My favorite working LA band is The Mae Shi.

    I think they’ve got the most exciting, interesting music in town. They’ll tease you with a great little nugget of pop and then tear it away, replacing it with a deconstructed, noisy, mutant-variant of the same hook. It’s like they have this PH.D in what makes a great radio-friendly song, and they not only blatantly ignore that knowledge, but make an out-right mockery of it.

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