White Denim

We’ve sung the praises of White Denim multiple times over the past six months, both here online as well as our SIRIUS show. Now, with the band doing a partial U.S. tour before and after their upcoming date in New York, at CMJ, you can catch them live and see for yourself. Also, in conjunction with the tour, White Denim has just released a brand new 9 song tour EP. Dig it. Quirky and smart Avant Garage. Expect big things in the near future.

Below are two videos (the second is below the MP3s), shot last month in Austin, during our Hot Freaks! after-party. White Denim killed it. You’ll be able to see additional videos shot during the two night Hot Freaks! party by Super Alright folks at Dell Lounge in the near future.

White Denim :: Don’t Look That Way At It

MP3: White Denim :: Dark Sided Computer Mouth
MP3: White Denim :: Let’s Talk About It
Video: White Denim :: Migration Wind (Live @ Hot Freaks! 2007)
Purchase: White Denim – Let’s Talk About It (ep)

www.whitedenimmusic.com ++ white denim myspace ++ more white denim mp3s

+Download tunes at eMusic via their 25 free MP3 offer

8 Responses to “White Denim :: Meet Your New Favorite Band”

  1. Is there anyway to get ahold of the tour Ep thats out?

  2. crazy. i just saw these dudes rock st. louis last night. picked up their seven inch and i’m lovin’ it. yup.

  3. Wanna smack these dudes. New least favorite band.

  4. the only smack Steve will get from White Denim is a smack from their glorious hooks and swagger

  5. What place are they playing at the CMJ’s? I think I want to crash their set. I’m for sure seeing MGMT’s set at the Crash Mansion.

  6. I see a free day show: 10/9, 6pm [click my name for the info link]

    And, it will be broadcast live on WOXY. So, if you can’t make it to NYC you can still hear some of the shows. Looks like the WOXY broadcasts go 2pm-8pm Wednesday through Saturday.

  7. Love ’em! Right on!

  8. yeah, these guys are the TITS. go see them live if they come within a 50 mile radius of your home.

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