August 13th, 2002 Boston, Massachusetts, WERS Radio. Thurston, Lee, and Jim performed acoustic versions of “Empty Page,” “Disconnection Notice” and “Rain on Tin,” before their gig that evening, in support of the Murray Street LP. I was just queuing these up for an upcoming show — great stuff, download two of the three tracks below.

Sonic Youth :: Empty Page (acoustic)
MP3: Sonic Youth :: Disconnection Notice (acoustic)
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4 Responses to “Sonic Youth Acoustica :: Boston, MA 2002”

  1. I’ve been digging Thurston’s “Tree’s Outside the Academy” lately, with J Mascis on lead guitar, outstanding.

  2. I saw SY’s first (I believe) acoustic performance at the ’91 Bridge Concert in Mountain View. The performance was aborted, ending in the smashing of a guitar, stunning the audience, which probably wasn’t full of SY fans to begin with. The local media was kind of rough on them as well. I think the Tracy Chapman fans overwhelmed the SY fans by quite a bit. These tracks are great. Thanks. John Lee Hooker was allowed to play electric – with Ry Cooder.

  3. any chance of a 3rd track?
    much thanks, either way.

  4. Yes, this is great… Please post the third track (and more SY acoustica….).

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