Your 33 Black Angels :: Lonely Street

Your 33 Black Angels

My first exposure to NYC’s Your 33 Black Angels was a screen printed, limited edition, vinyl LP which I had the opportunity to listen to exactly one time, in July, just prior to my turntable breaking. Whatever, shit happens. Not to worry though, as the band has now made their album, Lonely Street, available on compact disc. It’s self-released, shows potential, and recommended to fans of Pink Mountaintops and/or nuevo Velvet Underground devotees.

Your 33 Black Angels :: I Took A Deep Breath
MP3: Your 33 Black Angels :: Psycho On Your Side
Purchase: Your 33 Black Angels – Lonely Street ++ your 33 black angels website

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6 thoughts on “Your 33 Black Angels :: Lonely Street

  1. These guys are really starting to make a name for themselves & their new album “Lonely Street” is really starting to grow on me. Especially the song “SUE”. Good stuff!

  2. I just got an email from a fan of this band telling me all about them, but I thought I’d heard of them somewhere recently. Turns out I was right. The songs sound great, really like them.

  3. I received the same email (I believe many of us have ;)). Being from the Seattle area, I have never heard of these folks, but I was very impressed by their tunes. I believe they deserve all the recognition they can get. Good stuff!

  4. Also from Seattle. I picked up the record after the Rolling Stone review. These guys kick ass and hopefully will be touring the North West soon.

  5. Your 33 Black Angels are almost finished mastering its second full-length album, “Tales of My Pop-Rock Love Life.” The album should be ready in time for the next national tour for y33ba, taking place from August 22 to September 20. Look for the band in your town!

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