Blair :: Androgynous (Mats Cover)


It’s no secret we love Blair, and are super-excited she’s just re-located form her native New Orleans to Los Angeles (look for upcoming live dates). Staying busy, she recently just finished up an EP of covers, including her take on The Replacements “Androgynous,” off the Mats 1984 LP Let It Be.

Blair performs tonight, at Bordello, in downtown L.A.

Blair :: Androgynous (cover)
MP3: The Replacements :: Androgynous
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6 thoughts on “Blair :: Androgynous (Mats Cover)

  1. I was already in love with her, but now she’s covering the ‘Mats? Jeez louise, I’m gonna faint. I like it the first time through – I’m going to have to give it a few listens to see if it grows further. Good choice for a cover, though.

  2. This cover of the “Mats”? Meh. You might as well have the PTA Choir sing “Fuck School.” Too polished. Half a bottle of Jack and a couple of percs might put her where she could do it some justice.

  3. Its not often that a cover song exceeds the original but in this case I think it has. This is an amazing version. I’d bet money Paul Westerberg would agree, too. Blair rocks!

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