Neil Young :: Chrome Dreams (Rust Edition)

Like Harvest Moon, and most recently Prairie Wind, (both of which, odes and/or continuations of themes and motifs originating from 1972's Harvest) Neil Young returns to retail shelves next week with Chrome Dreams II; a nod to his mid-seventies album, of the same name, which, sadly, never saw the light of day. In lieu of an intact Chrome Dreams, Young purloined songs from the album scattering them over various projects (see: American Stars ‘N Bars, Rust Never Sleeps).

Neil is quoted as saying Chrome Dreams II is "more like After The Goldrush or Freedom, with different types of songs working together to form a feeling. Now that radio formats are not as influential as they once were, it's easier to release an album that crosses all formats with a message that runs through the whole thing, regardless of the type of song or sound." Speaking of radio formats, when is satellite radio going to give 'ol Shakey his own free-form show a la Bob Dylan and Steve Earle??

What you see below is a bootleg acetate version of what is thought by many to be the original track listing for Chrome Dreams just prior to Young scrapping the project in 1977. A number of the tracks made their way on to various LPs while some remain officially unreleased.

The following wiki excerpt for Chrome Dreams sheds some light: "The version of "Powderfinger" included is the original acoustic demo, while the "Sedan Delivery" featured is at a slower pace than the Rust Never Sleeps take and contains an additional verse. "Pocahontas" is the same version heard on Rust Never Sleeps without overdubs. "Hold Back the Tears" is a radically different take compared to the one that appears on American Stars 'N Bars, also featuring additional lyrics. "Too Far Gone" would not see release until 1989's Freedom."

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Neil Young :: Pocahontas (chrome dreams version)
MP3: Neil Young :: Will To Love (chrome dreams version)
MP3: Neil Young :: Star Of Bethlehem (chrome dreams version)
MP3: Neil Young :: Like A Hurricane (chrome dreams version)
MP3: Neil Young :: Too Far Gone (chrome dreams version)
MP3: Neil Young :: Hold Back The Tears (chrome dreams version)

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