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Earlier this week Chan Marshall released the track listing (and album art) for her upcoming LP, Jukebox. It was previously reported that her next album was to be an all covers sequel of sorts to 2000’s The Covers Record. Things change — the new Cat Power jam is a mix of country, rock, soul and big-band standards complete with new a Cat Power tune (“A Song For Bobby”) as well as a re-imagining of an existing track (Moon Pix’s “Metal Heart”).

Jukebox drops January 22, 2008 on Matador Records. In the meantime, familiarize yourselves with some of our favorite “originals” from the set. Note the parentheses as some of the below tracks are actually covers themselves (e.g., The Flying Burrito Brothers spirited version of Dark End of The Street).

++ See the full track listing for Jukebox here…

Previously: Cat Power :: The Covers Record, V.2

MP3: Billie Holiday :: Don’t Explain
MP3: James Brown :: Lost Someone
MP3: Flying Burrito Brothers :: Dark End of the Street
MP3: George Jackson :: Aretha, Sing One For Me
MP3: Frank Sinatra :: New York, New York
MP3: Janis Joplin :: A Woman Left Lonely
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9 Responses to “Cat Power :: The Jukebox Origins”

  1. i love it when you do this. that george jackson track is one i’ve heard on the radio a few times and really enjoyed.

    also, i found it interesting that spoonder oldham & dan penn wrote two of these songs.

  2. Thank god for Chan Marshall.

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  4. Thanks You All

  5. Thanks

  6. Thanks You ALl

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  8. trust me, you have the wrong version of “dark end of the street”. you want the one by james carr:

  9. […] As previously reported, Jukebox again finds Chan Marshall culling an album’s worth of material almost entirely comprised of covers — all reinterpreted Cat Power style. Here is the tracklisting, for the bonus disc, that is part of the limited-edition, silver foil deluxe package, of the release. No word yet if the discarded tracks, listed in the original Matador press release, from the Jukebox sessions, will be released as B-sides, etc. […]

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