The following live & unreleased studio MP3s are a companion piece, of sorts, to the unreleased Chrome Dreams acetate bootleg posted here last week. The below video is of Neil with Crazyhorse, live at the Hammersmith Odeon, in London March 28, 1976, performing Like a Hurricane,” which was allegedly to have been the cornerstone track on Chrome Dreams. Without delving into super-obnoxious hyperbole, let’s just say that this performance has the ability to make your hair stand on end.

Chrome Dreams II hit retail shelves tomorrow. Let’s hear your initial thoughts in the comment section below.

Neil Young & Crazy Horse :: Like a Hurricane – 1976, Hammersmith Odeon, London, England

MP3: Neil Young :: River Of Pride (‘White Line’, Unreleased Studio Version, 27 NOV 1975)
MP3: Neil Young :: Campaigner (Unedited, Unreleased Studio Version, Summer 1976)
MP3: Neil Young :: No One Seems To Know (Live, Tokyo, Japan, 10 Mar 1976)
MP3: Neil Young :: Give Me Strength (Live, Chicago, IL, 15 Nov 1976)
MP3: Neil Young :: Peace Of Mind (Live, Chicago, IL, 15 Nov 1976)
MP3: Neil Young :: Human Highway (CSNY, Unreleased Studio Version, April 1976)
Pre-order: Neil Young – Chrome Dreams II

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6 Responses to “Neil Young :: Chrome Dreams, Companion Tracks”

  1. Sweet! Thanks again this is great stuff. No comment on CDII though. I’ll have to go out and get it.

  2. CD II is a very strong album. “No Hidden Path” is the best song he has released in a long time. I like the variety of styles on the record. There’s some great country, soul, gospel, and rock.

  3. Oh my … oh wait Hey Hey !!! …. ok you get the point. Can I say THANK YOU? Good lord this made my day. Yep, a sucker for the raw side of Young.

  4. Thanks so much for these tracks, and all the Neil you’ve been posting of late. You make my day every time a new batch goes up, and this most recent bunch is knocking my socks clean off.

    I’m feeling CDII on a first pass. Gotta give it more time, but first impression says it’s his best album in years. Going to the Seattle show tomorrow night…I can’t wait. The set list from the first couple of shows look outrageous, and it’s been far too long since I’ve seen him live.

    Keep the great tracks coming! Your music blog is one of the best I’ve found. Much obliged.


  5. Links aren’t currently working. Hope they are up again soon.

  6. I’ve been a Rusty since before there were Rusties, over 30 years. CD 2, on first listen, leaves me less favorably impressed than I’ve been with any of his albums since Road Rock. Prairie Wind, Greendale, and even the first version of Living With War seem much better crafted than CD 2. Geffen probably would have loved it if he had turned this one in during the 80’s. He almost could have turned it in during the 80’s. Boxcar, Beautiful Bluebird and Ordinary People, all leftovers from the 80’s, take up more playing time than Everybody’s Rockin’ by about 15 seconds. I imagine a few of them will be keepers, but mostly this album seems like Neil is phoning it in. The live shows have been great though.

    And thanks for the great old unreleased tracks and the paint peeling video.

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