We do our best to keep tabs on the latest Numero Group happenings, as they rarely fail to deliver. The latest news to come out of their Chicago shop is the recently launched Asterisk imprint which drops not one, but three albums on us this month.

The story goes that, apparently, while the label’s resident crate diggers were searching for various, obscure soul, funk, and gospel jams to release (see: previous AD posts), they came upon a few albums that, while not requiring the full-on Numero Group treatment, did, in fact, warrant a little TLC. Hence, the newly minted Asterisk label. The imprint is off like buckshot, this month, with a scattered genre (threesome) release schedule – – see details below.

.:: The Four Mints :: Gently Down Your Stream – 1973’s Gently Down Your Stream, the sole album by the Four Mints, is a collection of their five singles, with an unissued track tacked on. The original ten-track album has been remastered, as well as the addition of three previously unreleased rehearsals and instrumentals jams.

.:: Johnny Lunchbreak Appetizer/Soup’s On – Described as “a mélange of post-Velvets New York mixed with the up turned collar of the Modern Lovers’ New England,” Johnny Lunchbreak existed for less than two years and only played outside of Hartford, Connecticut once. A Numero Group score.

.:: Propinquity Propinquity – Those of you who dig on the early ’70s Laurel Canyon vibe will really want to check this Boulder, CO group out. Originally released in 1973 on Colorado’s Owl imprint, Propinquity is the only album the group ever recorded. Steeped in the CSNY tradition of strong solo pieces ‘knotted together by friendship,’ the album is described as “a dreamy blend of folk and rock, rural, but with a city public school sensibility.”

The Four Mints :: Too Far Gone (alt. take)
MP3: The Four Mints :: In A Rut (rehearsal take)
Propinquity :: People Come
Johnny Lunchbreak :: A Very Pale State
———- ++

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  1. Man, the Numero group NEVER ceases to impress and these full-album releases are really taking things up a notch. Thanks for putting these on my radar.

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