Team Drunkard is heading out to New Orleans, our ‘spiritual’ musical home, to check out this year’s Voodoo Fest — if you are going, be sure to shoot us a comment and tell us who you plan on seeing; oh, and obviously we wanna hear what late-late shows you’re planning on hitting up. After New Orleans, it’s into the rental car to begin research in rural Mississippi on our Blues Trail book that is being published in late 2008 (stay tuned for details about that.)

Here’s two from a man who defines New Orleans musical heritage; Professor Longhair. Nice, right? Dig this, even cooler is the below video of ‘Fess backed by The Meters. Some Funky shit.


MP3: Professor Longhair :: Junco Partner
MP3: Professor Longhair :: Tipitina (Live)
Amazon: Professor Longhair – Fess: The Professor Longhair Anthology ++ ++

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6 Responses to “Back To New Orleans :: Voodoo Fest 2007”

  1. Voodoo is fun but its not substitute for jazzfest. haven’t missed since the first year i went in college.

    sun, beer and food all day, hottest music on the planet till the sun comes up.

    i can’t wait to be one of the old people there in 20 years.

  2. I miss Molly’s on the Market and the Saint. those were my two fave bars for a long time. I am jealous. I make great spreadsheets if you need an Administrative Assistant next year. And I look good in business casual dress. Travel safe and have a good time.

  3. Hey, if you’re there early on Friday, do yourself a favor and check out Theresa Andersson at 11:50. Of the non-headliner acts, I’d recommend Henry Butler (Saturday 4:25), New Orleans Social Club (Saturday 7:30) and Morning 40 Federation (Sunday 7). But definitely check out Andersson if you have the chance.

  4. nola social club is awesome for no other reason than LEO NOCENFUCKINGTELLI but they can slow jam you to death.

    love their cover of CCR’s Fortunate Son.

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  6. […] So in honor of me being excited about the movie, I decided to post some pre-Clash Strummer covers, with his band The 101ers. Some great stuff here, including a nice cover of “Junco Partner.” If you’d like, you can grab Professor Longhair’s version over at Aquarium Drunkard. […]

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