siriusdrunkard-small.jpgOur weekly two hour show on SIRIUS, channel 26 Left Of Center, can now be heard twice, every Friday – Noon EST and then an encore broadcast at Midnight EST. Below is this week’s playlist.

SIRIUS 23: Johnny Thunders & The Heartbreakers – Chinese Rocks ++ New York Dolls – Looking For A Kiss ++ Johnny Rotten – Interview Snippet ++ The Ramones – I Don’t Wanna Go Down To The Basement ++ David Bowie – All The Young Dudes (solo version) ++ Rex – Mambo Sun ++ B-52s – Dance This Mess Around ++ Talking Heads – Making Flippy Floppy ++ The Strokes – Hard To Explain ++ Blondie – Hanging On The Telephone ++ Televison – Glory ++ Elvis Costello – This Year’s Girl ++ Yo La Tengo – Decora ++ R.E.M. – I Don’t Sleep, I Dream ++ PJ Harvey – The Whores Hustle And The Hustlers Whore ++ Harry Crews – Everything Was Stories ++ Billy Bragg & Wilco – Walt Whitman’s Niece ++ Boss Hog – I Dig You ++ Jon Spencer Blues Explosion – Orange ++ Beck – Asshole ++ The Broken West – Back In Your Head (live cover) ++ blur -> radiohead -> clash dub –> reggae ++ The Minutemen – It’s Expected I’m Gone ++ White Denim – Don’t Look That Way At It ++ Cold War Kids – Hospital Beds (Up In Rags version) ++ The Whigs – Can’t Hear You Coming ++ Stephen Malkmus – Water And A Seat ++ Wilco – Via Chicago ++ The National – City Middle ++ Modest Mouse – Convenient Parking

* You can listen, for free, online with the SIRIUS three day trial — just submit an email address and they will send you a password.

2 Responses to “SIRIUS Satellite Radio :: Aquarium Drunkard Show”

  1. Loved the show today. Especially enjoyed the radiohead>clash dub>thought i heard some tribe called quest mixed in>james brown>and of course The Minutemen. was good stuff

  2. Interesting. I’ve been a huge fan of nirvana’s “lake of fire” never knew it was a cover.

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