In preparation for the December release of their new album, Stunts, Fresno’s Rademacher are in the middle of an L.A. blog residency, during which four local blogs preview the new album’s tracks, two at a time. Today marks the third leg of the trip’ — hit up You Set The Scene and Radio Free Silver Lake for additional tracks.

++ Local? If so, Rademacher perform Sunday night at Spaceland.

MP3: Rademacher :: Not My Home
MP3: Rademacher :: Stunts
Puchase: Rademacher – Stunts

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4 Responses to “Rademacher :: Stunts”

  1. Rademacher are are my all-time favorite band (from Fresno). No joke, these guys are good. awesome songs. Central Valley representz!

  2. I have to say, the first time I saw the “mancher” I couldn’t think of anything other then the next time I would get to see the “Rade”. I’m into this band. They are nice people, and make good music. They also have a cool postcard of a guy drinking a beer on a raft in a river. I put it on my fridge. I’m a fan.


  3. Some of the best people in the world. I can honestly say that every band member is in my top 10 favorite people from the central valley list [and i’m talking..any drummer they’ve ever had]

    Great music. Great people. I’m glad I finally have my very own “Stunts” to hold in my hands. Well…and listen to of course.

    i’m growing very fond of these kids…they are so SIK !!!

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