In response to our last two SIRIUS shows, the AD home office has received many a request for this unreleased Bobby Bare Jr. cover of America’s “Sister Golden Hair.” In Bare Jr.’s able hands, this (mildly cheesy) classic, soft-rock, radio staple is quietly transformed into an affecting, folk laden, classic.

Also: Check out Booby Bare Jr.’s slowed down cover of the Pixies “Where Is My Mind” off his 2006 barn-burner The Longest Meow.

MP3: Bobby Bare Jr. :: Sister Golden Hair (Cover)
MP3: Bobby Bare Jr. :: Where Is My Mind (Cover)
Amazon: Bobby Bare Jr. – The Longest Meow ++ ++ bloodshot records

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4 Responses to “Bobby Bare Jr. :: Sister Golden Hair (Cover)”

  1. Nice post. One of my local faves.

  2. bizarre… i heard ‘where is my mind’ this afternoon as my roommate watched fight club. i’d call that synergy if i didn’t hate the term synergy so much.

  3. Man, this website is a continual revelation. Thanks for the post.

  4. I put Bare up there with the best of the drunken, eloquent of today.

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