Earlier this year, L.A. based singer/songwriter Frankel (Michael Orendy) released what has become one of our very favorite albums of 2007 – Lullaby For The Passerby. An absolute must for fans of Nilsson, Lennon/McCartney, et al.

Below is the b-side “Love Leash,” plus two tracks off Lullaby that regularly make my radio show tracklist rotation.

Frankel :: Lullaby For The Passerby

MP3: Frankel :: Love Leash (B-Side)

MP3: Frankel :: Thermostat
Frankel :: Tooth Decay
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4 Responses to “Frankel :: Love Leash (B-Side)”

  1. love me some frankel.

  2. Really nice! Great to hear some new Frankel. Thanks for posting!

  3. […] Aquarium Drunkard has a b-side from Frankel’s excellent 2007 disc Lullabye From the Passerby. […]

  4. Frankel brings it easy, my band brings it rougher. There’s room for both. Hit my link. Now, please.

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