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In its humble four minutes and twenty nine seconds, Band of Horses “Detlef Schrempf,” the fourth track off their sophomore LP, Cease To Begin, invokes that inexplicable something that demands that I press repeat time after time. And honestly, I couldn’t even tell you what the song is about — only that Ben Bridwell’s aching vocals pierce something, existing in that bittersweet space between melancholy and nostalgia that is such a fine line to tread.

Oh, and yeah, apart from its name, this track has absolutely nothing to do with Detlef Schrempf the former Seattle Supersonic.

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14 thoughts on “Band of Horses :: Detlef Schrempf

  1. i definitely consider Schrempf a Pacer first even though he only played 4.5 seasons there, and played 6 in Seattle – if you ever played NBA games on the ole Commodore 64, you know that he was a quite a force on the computer

    still not sure i like the sad, woe-is-me tone of the song, but hey, that is what lots of indie music is to me – gotta like the nod to one of the first successful European players though – great post!

  2. Great band. Great song. Detlef was the man. I was in Sea-Town during the hey-day of the Reign Man, the Glove, Big-Smooth, Nate-Dogg & Schrempf. I don’t understand the reference & how it goes with the song, but whatever. Still clever.

    …And Schrempf is definitely remebered most as a SONIC!!!

  3. i finally feel validated… i have been listening to this song non-stop. i can’t pinpoint what it is thas intrigues me so, i just know i haven’t felt this close to a song in awhile…

  4. the song is clearly a message to the sonics’ management to not move the team… Read through the lyrics. This way the reference to Schrempf makes sense. Doesn’t it?

  5. Let me guess from my foreign point of view:

    Is there a big rivalry between Sonics and Trail Blazers???

    It could be about the sadness of a Sonics fan for seeing the big Sonics’ idol wearing the big rival’s shirt, as Detlef left the Sonics and joined Portland Trail Blazers in 99.

    “But what’s it gonna cost to be gone?
    If we see you like I hoped we never would

    When eyes can’t look at you any other way,
    Any other way, any other way”

    In the line, “If you say you’re gonna go, then be careful
    And watch how you treat every living soul”, I think they could be meaning, “Man, if you’re leaving us, PLEASE don’t go to the arch-rivals!”

    Just guessing…

    ; )

    Great band, great 2 albums, and definitely great song.

  6. this song is beautiful.

    i 100% agree with amy.

    really the only noteworthy post thus far.

    the song has nothing to do at all with the NBA player,
    Ben himself said that.

    he said there are many seattle themes to it though,

    although detlef schrempf does have a charity whose mission statement seems to compliment the song very well,

    i personally believe we should just listen to this masterpiece and decide what it means to us.

    after all the listener is the one who truly writes the song.

    thats the beauty of music.

  7. I just happened across your description of Detlef Schrempf… I make a note to send points of thanks when appropriate, there is not enough of true quality on the net.

    Your description was very articulate and one of the best descriptions of a song that I’ve come across in my 38 years.

    I’m just a dad putting my wife through med school with 2 kiddos, but you put those words past my ears and into my head. Thank you.

    also, as a note…the name is indirectly related to Detlef…he named the song after Seattle themes, and once he wrote down Detlef…didn’t feel like he wanted to change it…

    Here’s the interview…

    p.s. not trying to correct you, just trying to add to the conversation.

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