8 thoughts on “No Country For Old Men :: Young Men Dead

  1. It REALLY kicks ass! In fact, I have been listening to it repeatedly since you included it on a podcast over a year and a half ago. It makes my head spin.

    Great to finally know who it belongs to. Thanks!

  2. “What a song! How does the rest of Passover hold up? ”

    if you like this song you’ll love Passover…its 10 versions of this song. same tones, same tempo, same vocal delivery, same dynamics.

    i am the only person on the planet who isn’t obsessed with these guys.

  3. and why do people keep comparing them to the velvets? they sound nothing like the velvets. the velvets had DYNAMICS. the single track Heroin has more movement and change in it than the entire BA catalouge.

    and there is none of the warmth of Sweet Jane or Who loves the sun.

    not every band with fuzz in their ams sounds like the VU…not every band that has an extended guitar solo sounds like the Dead.

    these lazy descriptions drive me bonkers.

  4. Obviously, obviously, the velvet underground had much more going on than solely the drone aspect – that goes without saying.

    But lazy description? Please. When trying to find a very common reference point for a modern take on something the VU practically invented it makes perfect sense. C’mon.

  5. they sound much more like LZ playing 10 different versions of “When the Levee Breaks” to me than the Velvets.

    robert johnson (supposedly) invented the blues but you wouldn’t say SRV sounds like robert johnson. he sounds a lot more like Jimi Hendrix.

    just my 2 cents.

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