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It’s 1999. Kathleen Edwards records a seven-song EP entitled Building 55 and presses 500 copies. This EP, now long out of print, is the first recorded output of Edwards’ career prior to her signing with a label and releasing her full length debut, 2003’s Failer. Here are the seven tracks off Building 55 for posterity. Brittle, affecting, alt.country – a glimpse of the sound and style Edwards would refine on her debut LP.

News: Look for Kathleen Edwards third LP, Asking For Flowers, to be released worldwide on March 4, 2008.

MP3: Kathleen Edwards :: Injustica
MP3: Kathleen Edwards :: Nagasaki
MP3: Kathleen Edwards :: 5 Years
Kathleen Edwards :: Big Star
MP3: Kathleen Edwards :: Wordgamething
MP3: Kathleen Edwards :: Violin For Mom
MP3: Kathleen Edwards :: Titled Untitled

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22 thoughts on “Kathleen Edwards :: Building 55

  1. Somebody offered this up a couple years ago but someone I didn’t have the last song. Thanks! I’m looking forward to her new one…

  2. Excellent! Asking for Flowers can’t come soon enough.

    Anyone heard Jim Bryson’s (played on Failer and Back to Me) Where the Bungalows Roam? It’s my second favourite Canadian album this year.

    If you don’t fall in love with “Flowers”, well I just don’t know: http://wherethebungalowsroam.com/

  3. Is it her that sings the song in that Old Navy commercial? It killed me that I couldn’t think who it was because I swore I knew the voice, and it suddenly hit me after seeing this post.

  4. Absolutely brilliant – thanks so much for posting up the mp3s – been wanting to get hold of the songs for ages. Made Christmas come early!

  5. Man, I go away for a month and totally miss out on this being shared again!! Please share again some day if you can!!

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