As far as we’re concerned, blog-wise, Big Rock Candy Mountain is the place to be during the month of December. For four years now, every December, the site steadily offers up obscure quality Christmas nuggets you won’t hear at the mall or Starbucks.

What’s more impressive is the fact that none of the tunes have been repeated since they began their eclectic holiday tradition years ago. The following is a medley of tracks I gathered from the last two years of Big Rock Candy Mountain’s December Christmas series. For a current dose of Christmas Americana head on over and check out the their latest holiday finds.

MP3: Clarence Carter :: Backdoor Santa
MP3: Jack Scott :: There’s Trouble Brewin’
MP3: The Youngsters :: Christmas In Jail
MP3: Mae West :: Put The Loot In The Boot, Santa
MP3: Champion Jack DuPree :: Santa Claus Blues
MP3: Loretta Lynn :: Country Christmas
MP3: Red Simpson :: Truckin’ Trees For Christmas
MP3: Brenda Lee :: I’m Gonna Lasso Santa Claus
MP3: Big John Greer :: We Wanna See Santa Do The Mambo
MP3: Hank Thompson :: I’d Like To Have An Elephant For Christmas
MP3: Roger Miller :: Old Toy Trains

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9 Responses to “Season’s Greetings :: Christmas Medley”

  1. Er – the Mae West appears twice. Not that a double dose of Mae ever hurt anyone.

  2. 77Santas.blogspot has a great selection going on as well, with Saturdays devoted to ‘Country Christmas’.

    Love this Season’s Greetings series so far and BRCM as well.

  3. […] Some of you may be aware that I have extremely eclectic musical tastes. In fact, if it’s by a top 40 artist from the past 10 years? I probably haven’t heard it. Anyway, there’s some pretty interesting holiday music out there, especially if the traditional songs are already getting on your nerves. Here are just a few – please note that this is all listen at your own risk! Aquarium Drunkard has a nice playlist, including songs like Mae West’s “Put the Loot in the Boot, Santa” and Big John Greer’s “We Wanna See Santa Do the Mambo.” […]

  4. “Backdoor Santa” just might be my all-time favorite Christmas song. Talk about combining the sacred and the profane! Dean & Britta did a lovely cover of “Old Toy Trains” a couple years back that I imagine is floating around somewhere in cyberspace.

  5. Excellent post.

  6. Great Post! Many Thanks!

  7. Thanks to brendan for recommending 77santas–awesome.

  8. […] 17.  And Last but not least–here’s one for those wanting a country kind o Christmas. […]

  9. Hi! I think this post has been around for a year. I have been looking for the song “Old Toy Train” for a long time and I’m wondering if the one you have on your list the same one that I’ve heard since I was very young. But the link is no longer active. Do you think you can still upload the song or send it to my email? Only if it’s convenient.

    Thanks! and Blessed Christmas! 🙂

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