I really have to make a concerted effort not to listen to this track during the other eleven months of the year. Come December 1st I am on it, and by the time New Years finally rolls around I have usually played it ad nauseam for a month straight. It’s just that good.

MP3: Marvin Gaye :: Purple Snowflakes
Amazon: A Christmas Present From Motown Vol. 1

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4 Responses to “Marvin Gaye :: Purple Snowflakes”

  1. thanks! i’ve been amassing christmas tunes since early november. this track is dope, yo.

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  3. I don’t know this one…a definite download, as I love Marvin Gaye (who doesn’t?)…and Christmas songs can be so cheesy! Although it’s great that artists I like (e.g. Aimee Mann, Sufjan Stevens) are now starting to get in on the act. Thanks for this :o)

  4. often i wondered about the symbolism behind the meaning of ‘purple’ snowflakes. I hear that when we do finally get around to seeing them, that is while the Planets are orbiting, when with our now de-funked planet (PLUTO) is closest to the Earth, ‘purple snowflakes’ fall from it~ down to us as a reminder that he is still a planet.

    StL Steve

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