The other day, “Chris Mills Is Living The Dream” came on randomly and reminded me of what a good listen his 2005 LP The Wall To Wall Sessions is. The mental image of the the tune’s first verse continues to inspire both hilarity and horror every time I hear it (see photo above.)

Elsewhere: eMusic now has a Chris Mills acoustic session featuring a stripped down version of “Chris Mills Is Living The Dream.” Download them free with this trial offer link.

MP3: Chris Mills :: Chris Mills Is Living The Dream
MP3: Chris Mills :: Escape From New York
Amazon: Chris Mills – The Wall To Wall Sessions

+ Download Chris Mills using eMusic’s 25 free MP3 no risk trial offer

3 Responses to “Chris Mills Is Living The Dream…”

  1. I wrote about this song once and basically said it’s the best opening stanza in the history of rock n roll. Of course that’s just hyperbolic bs but it’s damn close.

  2. Once again, what an incredible song! Something I never would have discovered if not for this amazing site.

  3. Does that version include the explanation of the song about working in a pizza delivery place folding cardboard boxes and Chris’s co-worker asks him “So what do you do, man?” as if folding pizza boxes wasn’t enough, Chris explains that he’s a songwriter about to go on tour and the co-worker says “Dude you’re living the dream”. And carried on folding the boxes.

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