Murder Ballads and Disaster Songs...

Doom and gloom, baby. It is well documented that we Americans live in a country forged in strife. Since the very beginning our history has been bound to various disasters, calamities and murder. Hell, it still is. The Tomkins Square folks know this well and have dutifully compiled the extensive box set People Take Warning!: Murder Ballads and Disaster Songs spanning the years 1913-1938.

With an introductory essay penned by none other than Tom Waits (an artist who must surely relish such material) the three disc set spans all manner of casualty and misery. Listening to the set I am reminded of the effect such material had on Uncle Tupelo, especially, just prior to their recording March 16-20, 1992. I can’t help but wonder what burgeoning band might be listening to People Take Warning!, and what possible effect it might have on their music. Suppose we’ll have to just wait and see…

MP3: Bob Miller :: The Crash of The Akron
MP3: Willie Walker :: Dupree Blues
MP3: B.F. Shelton :: Darling Cora
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    (we needed this thank you)

  2. 16 horsepower did their best in making this a disc staple. Gob Iron showed it love too.

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