Funkadelic :: Red Hot Mama From Louisiana


Just returned to Los Angeles last night after three weeks back in the southeast, both working, and for the holidays. While traveling, I had made a mental note to make sure and throw up Funkadelic’s “Red Hot Mama” on the blog when I got back, as it got stuck in my head while driving east on I-10 out of New Orleans. In the late nineties this tune made many a mix tape compilation, and is indicative of the side of Clinton’s music I most appreciate: Eddie Hazel centered, funky, and driving, but not so over-the-top you have to hit skip after multiple listens.

Below: This is a personal MP3 edit I created for DJ sets and radio use. It’s the song minus the first minute and 23 seconds (which is a vocal intro). Find the track in it’s entirety via Funkadelic’s 1973 74 LP Standing on the Verge of Getting It On.

MP3: Funkadelic :: Red Hot Mama (micro-edit)

Video: Funkadelic – Red Hot Mama (Houston 1977)
Amazon: Funkadelic – Standing on the Verge of Getting It On

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8 thoughts on “Funkadelic :: Red Hot Mama From Louisiana

  1. Eddie Hazel was the bomb diggity, like a subterranean, angel dusty Hendrix. However, I’m trying to think of a scenario where I’m skipping ahead on my Funkadelic because it’s too over-the-top. OK, maybe I don’t always make it thru “Wars Of Armageddon” on Maggot Brain. Fair enough. Typically, though, the over-the-topness is why I make my funk the P-Funk. Oh yeah, Standing On The Verge came out in ’74, not ’73. Word.

  2. second on the panic cover…its rocks. i always knew pfunk via atomic dog and tear the roof off, but panic covers two songs (red hot mama and maggot brain) that are serious ROCK songs. this opened my ears to explore more of what pfunk was all about…more than just glam funk. eddie hazel is absurd.

    for some cool pfunk stories check out fred wesley’s autobiography.

  3. I’ll look for the Panic covers, thanks for the heads up. J Mascis does a gnarly cover of “Maggot Brain” on Mike Watt’s Ballhog Or Tugboat LP. Talked to Watt shortly after that album came out and he said it was done in one take. Not bad, if you’re into Fender Jazzmaster abuse.

  4. The osmium/rhemium parliament tracks like this cut, “i call my baby pussycat” and “lil ol country boy” are some of the finest overlooked tracks in clinton’s catalog. thanks for putting it out there for folks to learn!

  5. Awesome – this has always been one of my favorite Funkadelic jams.
    Thanks for posting..
    There is a skip in the /mp3 file though – right during the start of the 2nd chorus.

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