“The Who is a bloody wild animal and it has to be fed chunks of raw meat and Southern Comfort. It can’t feed on anything less.” – Pete Townshend, New York Times, June 13th, 1974.

The Who: bombastic, excessive, crude, vulgar, drunk, and unfashionably fucking awesome. That is what I penned in 2005 immediately following a viewing of The Who’s 1979 doc The Kids Are Alright. The same sentiment can be echoed (loudly) in reference to the new three DVD documentary Amazing Journey: The Story of the Who that Mr. Claus was good enough to hook me up with a couple of weeks ago.

Spanning four decades, and pulling no punches, Amazing Journey digs in and addresses the good – and the bad – including the circumstances surrounding the deaths of both drummer Keith Moon, and bassist John Entwistle (the Ox!), and the fraudulent child pornography claims that nearly landed Pete Townshend in prison. Yes, it’s all here.

The set comes with two separate feature documentaries and a third disc comprised of remastered concert footage in 5.1 surround sound for the audiophiles.

Trailer: Amazing Journey :: The Story of the Who

MP3: The Who :: A Quick One While He’s Away
Amazon: Amazing Journey – The Story of the Who

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2 Responses to “Amazing Journey :: The Story of the Who (DVD)”

  1. I watched this when it first came out on DVD last month or so (last week in nov. i think) with my boss and a couple other of the upper-class from work – it was awesome.

    For anyone who hasn’t seen it: I suggest watching it in a place with a great surround system… because it’s fucking cool and has great sound.

  2. Just added this to my Netflix a few days ago, upon seeing it on a friend’s best-of list. Rad. Can’t wait.

    PS – is that a great picture you used or what?!

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