Scout Niblett/Will Oldham :: Kiss (Duet)


It’s 2008! What 2007 albums are you just catching up on now that it’s a brand new year? Leave ’em in the comments.

I have several I am working on, but the past week has seen a lot of concentration on Scout Niblett’s LP This Fool Can Die Now. Yup, that is Will Oldham in the house. Holla.

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MP3: Scout Niblett/Will Oldham :: Kiss
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7 thoughts on “Scout Niblett/Will Oldham :: Kiss (Duet)

  1. Album of 2007 that somehow escaped my grasps is Richard Hawley – Ladies Bridge. Song that tops it for me from this album is ‘Tonight The Streets Are Ours’

  2. still listening to bonnie ‘prince’ billy’s ask forgiveness ep in awe…also tite ’07 tracks by antelope, enon, cool kids, sheez! too many to mention. have been downloading like such a mad bastard (drunkard?) that I need to take a few days just to recap…

    u know what album people slept on? that hayward williams ‘another sailor’s dream’ lp…aqua drunk, that song ‘redwoods’ should be at the TOP of everyone’s 2007 lists…

  3. Finally picked up a copy of Mary Gauthier’s 2007 release Between Daylight and Dark. Amazing rough-hewn southern folk, well-produced, stunning in its lyrical simplicity and power. Should have known, given her earlier work. Still kicking myself for waiting.

    Also, somehow, after getting very excited about its release, I let The Shepherd Boy fall between the couch cushions of my playlist. Seeing it get honorable mention on so many end of year lists reminded me to put it back.

  4. Just listened to Buffalo Tom Three Easy Pieces for the first time – couldn’t afford it on release! Wow: would have easily made the Best Of list if I’d heard it sooner.

    Hopefully people are still picking up on Dolorean’s You Can’t Win – I know a few who have only just heard it.

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