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Juno: Loved both the film, and its use of music. While it may have seemed a bit out of place in terms of the overall mood of the music used throughout the film (see the soundtrack here), I personally loved the inclusion of Sonic Youth’s cover of “Superstar.” As a musical set piece, for those in the know, it conveyed more about Jason Bateman’s character, and where he was in his life, than 15 pages of script could have. A late-thirties holdover from the early ’90s ‘alt-rock’ heyday.

For those unfamiliar with the track’s lineage, it was the highlight of the uneven, early ’90s, Carpenters tribute compilation If I Were A Carpenter. That being said, Sonic Youth’s rendition of the tune was so good it, alone, warranted the purchase. I know I still have my copy.

MP3: Sonic Youth :: Superstar

Video: Sonic Youth :: Superstar
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10 thoughts on “Sonic Youth :: Superstar

  1. I won a local radio station trivia contest in early high school and got to pick a cd out of their “prize closet”, which was actually a promo graveyard. They had a really budget copy of this release (no artwork, just a tracklisting) and I saw Sonic Youth and Redd Kross on there so I picked it up.

    I ended up keeping Superstar on repeat in my stereo for at least a month. I can remember get ready for school and hearing this song 7 times in a row. It NEVER got old. Hearing it on Juno made me shed a sad, little Jason Bateman tear. God bless you, Michael Bluth.

  2. I, too, smiled a sad smile and clutched at my chest for Bateman’s character when I realized what song he was playing for her (still have my worn copy of If I Were A Carpenter, too), but I thought it was pretty false that a musician would say that he had one favorite song. still a great movie, great characters, good performances. I’m definitely getting the soundtrack when I get a chance and a paycheck.

  3. Having seen Sonic Youth in concert (in addition to once having owned the If I Were a Carpenter CD), I suspect I may have appreciated more than everyone else in the theater both the scene where the song gets played and the line where Juno dismisses them. (Sometimes it’s good noise, but yes, it’s noise.)

    I posted a little something about how the resurgence of the song by its inclusion in the movie seems to have failed to alert the current on-air personalities that the song came out in ’94.

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