The Meters :: Live @ The Showboat Lounge, 1977

In continuing with the string of New Orleans related posts leading up to Mardi Gras, here is a Meters show from 1977 I've posted on the Drunkard the past two January's. Call it tradition. Look for another Meters live set in the next week recorded at The Bottomline (NYC) in the late seventies.

Nobody..and I mean nobody funked it up like The Meters did in their prime. Shit-hot grooves. I have collected a number of shows from the band’s ’70s hey-day, and this is one of my favorites. It is culled from a 1977 New Orleans Live radio broadcast complete with a smokey-voiced DJ popping in and out during the duration of the show.

Great banter from the band too. Several times throughout the show Art Neville speaks directly to the greater New Orleans radio audience, telling them to get with it and come on down to the show. The beginning of “People Say” is particularly nasty.

Download The Meters @ The Showboat Lounge, 1977 after the jump…

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