Mark Kozelek :: What’s Next To The Moon

Mark Kozelek :: What's Next To The Moon

With all this talk of Sun Kil Moon’s forthcoming album, April, set to release in a little over two months, we spent part of last weekend re-ingesting a few albums from Mark Kozelek’s existing catalog, including one of our favorites, 2001’s What’s Next To The Moon.

Billed as a Kozelek solo album, and released several years prior to Sun Kil Moon’s collection of Modest Mouse covers, Tiny Cities, What’s Next To The Moon is an album comprised entirely of (Bon Scott era) AC/DC reinterpretations stripping each song to its bare, acoustic essence. The LP was a continuation of Kozelek’s EP fom a year earlier, Rock ‘N’ Roll Singer, itself mostly a covers project reinterpreting the likes of AC/DC and John Denver. It was with these two projects that Kozelek’s talent for arrangement and interpretation came into its own. Transfiguring each tune like an alchemist – molding, sculpting…and in the process owning the results. Ironically, what sounded like a fuzzy idea on paper (acoustic AC/DC?) turned out to be anything but. Highly recommended.

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MP3: Mark Kozelek :: Up To My Neck In You
MP3: Mark Kozelek :: What’s Next To The Moon
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5 thoughts on “Mark Kozelek :: What’s Next To The Moon

  1. It’s probably worth noting that this was all Bon Scott AC/DC, which is much better than the Brian Johnson crap.

  2. Love this album. Up until its release, I had been aware of Red House Painters but never spent much time with their music. I found a copy of this disc at my local library, and it pushed me over the edge and made me a full-fledged Kozelek fan. I love that once these songs are stripped down, the average AC/DC lyric can end up sounding downright romantic.

  3. I agree w/ Benj. Kozelek’s album really brings Bon Scott’s songwriting capabilities to the forefront. You never would have known how good that guy was at putting pen to paper.

  4. Back in ’78 we’d say: if you’re going to cover something, make sure it’s better than the original. (Of course, none of the bands I ever played in were guilty of doing that but we thought we were pretty cool saying it.) This guy — whom I’d honestly never heard of before now — would have made all of us proud back in ’78. I don’t know if his interpretations convince me to classify Bon Scott as an exceptional songwriter (sorry Oz), but I like what Kozelek does. Thanks for the post.

  5. This album is barely over a half-hour long, and yet Kozelek manages to cover more emotional territory than half of the indie-folk rockers out there today. One of the best cover records I’ve ever heard. Top-notch, AqDrunk. Top-notch.

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