Continuing with the New Orleans posts through Fat Tuesday: Lee Dorsey’s Yes We Can. A frequent AD reader and I were just discussing this album a few weeks ago. In a word, it’s the tits. Go ahead, now, get your soul thang on.

MP3: Lee Dorsey :: Sneakin’ Sally Through the Alley
MP3: Lee Dorsey :: Yes We Can, Pt. 1
Amazon: Lee Dorsey – Yes We Can

www.nola.com ++ www.wwoz.org

+ Visit The Hype Machine for additional Lee Dorsey MP3s.

2 Responses to “And Everything I do Is Funky Like Lee Dorsey”

  1. Lee Dorsey is the man. The dude dripped crescent city soul.

    The Wheelin’ and Dealin’ anthology is great top to bottom.

    Thanks again for unearthing these classics.

  2. Big up props to Mr Allen Toussaint on this as well.

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