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I don’t want the week to go by without mentioning these two LPs, both by Los Angeles based artists. First off is the Radar Bros. latest Auditorium – which will be released January 29th via the Merge label. Chief Radar Bro Jim Putnam will be stopping by my Little Radio show next Wednesday from 2-4pm, PST, so tune in for some acoustic tracks and assorted jibber jabber. An excellent edition to the already expansive Radar Bros. catalog, the album is being heralded by many as their finest work. Also, if you are here with us in L.A., the Radar Bros. continue their month-long Monday night residency at the Echo.

Next we have AD favorite, Dengue Fever, who, for the past few years, have been mining, and expanding on, their self-described mix of Khmer Rock, Bollywood Soundtracks, Ethiopian Jazz, American R&B. It’s heady. I’ve described their music as a Wes Anderson soundtrack waiting to happen. Oh, and they happen to share a band member with Radar Bros (Senon Williams). For those keeping tabs, this is the bands third LP since their self-titled 2003 debut. The new album is entitled Venus On Earth and was released this week via the folks at M80. Go see this band LIVE.

MP3: Radar Bros. :: Warm Rising Sun
MP3: Dengue Fever :: Sober Driver
Amazon: Radar Bros. – Auditorium / Dengue Fever – Venus On Earth

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3 thoughts on “Radar Bros. / Dengue Fever :: New Albums

  1. Cool (but very brief) piece on Dengue Fever in the NYT last weekend – about their sound, where it comes from, and where it’s headed. Also an interesting dynamic – the juxtaposition of Chhom Nimol’s tender, thoughtful, even melancholy stage delivery balanced with the rest of band’s goofery. I’d like to see them at the end of this month.

  2. i am totally stoked for a new radar bros. release. i immensely enjoyed the downer that was ‘the fallen leaf pages’ and was curious if i’d hear from them again. let’s hope it’s more sad tunes about blood and beetles and not sleeping and the like. boss!

  3. The Radar Bros. ‘The Singing Hatchet’ is a forgotten masterpiece. Thanks for the Dengue Fever tip…I met Senon at SXSW 2005 and despite me coming across as an uber fan/stalker, he was a very pleasant fellow!

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