If you’ve followed the AD blog over the past few years, you’re aware I am somewhat of a Black Crowes freak. Granted, I grew up in Georgia, which means I may very well be pre-disposed to the condition. Nevertheless, the recent news of the band gearing up to release, Warpaint, their first album since 2001’s Lions, coupled with the announcement that the band plans on performing the album, in its entirety, at this year’s SXSW, has us enthusiastically digging into the Crowes catalog.

An out lier in the (proper) Crowes canon – that received little, to no, fanfare upon its release – is Chris & Rich Robinson’s, live disc, Brothers of A Feather, recorded here in Los Angeles during the brothers three-night stint at the Roxy a couple of years ago. A laid back and, ostensibly, laissez faire, acoustic series of shows, the disc gathers up 14 tracks culled from the evenings on one disc: some Crowes standards, some solo material and some very choice covers. One such cover is John Martyn’s excellent “Over The Hill,” from 1977, which, besides being a longtime AD favorite, feels incredibly natural in Robinson’s capable hands. If you’re of the Crowes faithful, this set is easy like Sunday morning.

MP3: Chris & Rich Robinson :: Over The Hill (John Martyn cover)
MP3: Chris & Rich Robinson :: Horsehead

MP3: John Martyn :: Over The Hill (highly recc’d)
Amazon: Chris & Rich Robinson – Brothers of A Feather (Live)

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12 Responses to “Chris & Rich Robinson :: Brothers of A Feather”

  1. these are great tracks. little trouble getting horsehead, though.

    can’t wait for the new crowes’ album!!

  2. FIXED = Horsehead

  3. I have the DVD/CD combo…really incredible stuff! Chris & Rich doing the music they want, how they want…Chris does make a few references to the lawyers/contractual bs that they have to deal with. Warpaint includes a new keyboarist and guitar player…the initial track that has been released sounds great

  4. Always good to see John Martyn getting a bit of attention…and he couldn’t have received a more fitting tribute. I found my way to John Martyn by accident many years ago as I steadily made my way through the folk section of my local library while living in St. Louis. Through Martyn, I found my way to John Renbourn, Bert Jansch, and Pentangle, who were all part of that 60s English folk scene.

    I highly recommend Martyn’s Sweet Little Mysteries: The Island Anthology CD, if anyone is the least bit curious. Not everything throughout his career is folky, and he goes a bit astray of my tastes in the late 70s, but nevertheless, this 2-cd set is great.

  5. chris and rich did a great acoustic version of “wiser time” on the letterman show a couple of months ago (which I believe doesn’t even appear on the album)…wish i could get my hands on a rip…anyone have any leads on that?

  6. I like the blog, but the BC’s suck. A lot.

  7. Nice find AD.

    K – Keep me posted on the on the “Wiser Times” search.


  8. One more thing…I love the “Over the Hill” original. First time I heard it. Thank you AD!

  9. i recognize that john martyn song from the “scrapple” soundtrack (too)! which is quite decent in whole (better than the movie?) … check it out here:

  10. i had tickets to this show in austin and got stuck in dallas that night with work. booooooo responsibility. boooooooooo….

  11. if ya’ll haven’t heard luther playing with the crowes, you are in for a treat. if you’re not familiar with the north mississippi allstars or luther dickinson, he’s an amazing talent. no more bitching about marc ford.

  12. This was on my best of the year list. Unbelievable stuff. Absollutely freakin’ stoked for Warpaint. I’m traveling 8 hours in to the heart of burbon country just to see them. You can be sure this will be on the radio. The Tom Rush Driving Wheel on this is some of the most soulful stuff I’ve herad in many a year.

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