The Glands :: Self-Titled (2000)


Those of you who read Patterson Hood’s Off The Record, last week, may have noted that Hood lists his all-time favorite Athen’s, GA release as The Glands self-titled second album. High praise, indeed. While I cannot make the same claim (R.E.M. owns that accolade), the album certainly ranks up there with the best of them, and is one I continually revisit eight years after its release. Also, news to us, AD commenter, aladambama, made us aware that the album’s vinyl release has an augmented running order with additional tracks not of the CD release.

Below is the vinyl tracklisting, and if anyone has converted the vinyl-only tracks to MP3, I would more than interested in checking them out.

+ Vinyl two disc track-listing. * Not on CD

01 Livin’ Was Easy
02 Fortress
03 Swim (Prelude)
04 Swim
05 When I Laugh

06 Head That’s Mine*
07 Favorite American
08 Doug’s Hall Rag*
09 Something In The Air*
10 Mayflowers

11 Lovetown
12 Work It Out
13 Soul Inspiration
14 I Can See My House From Here
15 Straight Down

16 Holiday Walk*
17 Ground
18 You Are The Mountain*
19 Breathe Out

MP3: The Glands :: Livin’ Was Easy
MP3: The Glands :: Swim
Amazon: The Glands – S/T

+ Download The Glands second album through eMusic’s 25 Free MP3 offer.

11 thoughts on “The Glands :: Self-Titled (2000)

  1. What an incredible pop album. I never understood why it is not better known – even among indie-music fans it’s kinda obscure, despite having loads of charm, buckets of hooks and oodles of awesome.

  2. This album is the foundation of my music library. It’s a lost classic, and I hope P Hood’s comments can spark some new interest in the Glands. I loved this album so much that I convinced myself and my roommate that their 2002 show at Black Cat D.C. would sell out. We got there at 6pm for the 10pm show and were two of the approx 30 folks there. I’ve tried to keep track of the band, and only know that Ross Shapiro now manages Schoolkids Records in Athens. (

    I’d love more info if anyone has any – why did they disband, and has Ross recorded since. One other note of interest – I’m pretty sure the painting on the album cover is by Wayne White – same artist who did Lampchop’s Nixon.

  3. Justin, I have the vinyl, but no way to transfer. I would say this is my favorite Athens record too. There were about 4-5 shows played in Athens and Atlanta the two years leading up to their final show. Sloan and I went to all of them and he taped them and thankfully, I have all of them on cd…somewhere. Think it was Echo Lounge, 40 Watt, and Tasty World. I even saw them at a frat party around that time. I’ll try to put them in your package AD. I think there has been one up on Southern Shelter in the past so you could search over there.

    The thing about this album is that it I really enjoy playing it all at once. The production is incredible. It’s just a fantastic album from start to finish.

  4. i’ve got these tracks if you want ’em.

    the glands “the glands” should be talked
    about everyday. what a record.

  5. Saw these guys with Bill Doss’s band Sunshine Fix in Winston Salem in 2002. Maybe 20 people were there. I talked to Joe, the drummer, he said they were working on new album and it was supposed to come out 3 months after we saw them. Never happened. I was bummed. The whole album was good all the way through which rarely happens anymore. “Ground” is definitely my all-time favorite, but they all of them really are. I’ve got the LP and the 3 songs that are not on the CD are good as well. “Head That’s Mine” shouldn’t have been left off the CD and the track listing on the LP gives a different perspective of the whole album. One album I will never part with.

  6. If anybody knows how to get ahold of any of the songs that are not included on either “Double Thriller” or “The Glands” -self-titled, please email me at

    It would be most appreciated. I’ve always wondered what happened to them and if they were working on any solo projects, maybe now playing in other groups. If anyone has any information on ANYTHING GLANDS, please contact me. Thanks.

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