Sure, there may be numerous covers out there of Don Dryant’s “99 Lbs,” but Ann Peebles’ version solidly remains my favorite. In fact, she owns it in a way the original only hints at. I have blogged about the compilation this track is culled from, Original Funk Soul Sister: The Best of Ann Peebles, previously, and continue to urge those with even a passing interest in Peebles (or soul music period) to check it out.

Previously: Ann Peebles :: Slipped Tripped And Fell In Love


MP3: Ann Peebles :: 99 Lbs.
MP3: Ann Peebles :: I Can’t Stand The Rain
Amazon: Original Funk Soul Sister: The Best of Ann Peebles

+ Download Ann Peebles music through eMusic’s 25 Free MP3 offer.

5 Responses to “Ninety-Nine Pounds of Natural Born Goodness”

  1. wow, this “i can’t stand the rain” song is similar to another song on the scrapple soundtrack by Toots Hibbert called “really love the rain”…
    (see my comment on john martyn song below) AD – you been listening to that soundtrack recently?

  2. yea man! HI Records dig down… that late 60’s-early 70’s was picking up where
    Motown would eventually leave off. nice post!

  3. bristone, great soundtrack. and, i do like taj’s (re)working of the tune.

  4. Hi there! I really can’t wait to check out these Ann Peebles songs. I have really been getting into the Numero and the Now Again compilations of rare funk and soul lately. Have you heard the Cold Heat compilation on Now Again records? It’s absolutely mind-blowing, booty-shaking funk.

    Your blog is a great example of successfully putting together eclectic styles of music that interest a wide variety of users. I have been running a blog with a similar vibe called Eclectic Grooves. I feature whole out-of-print records, mp3’s from records that are available to buy, themed mixes, etc. Recently I featured a rare Chubby Checker album called Chequered/New Revelation that is a funky psychedelic rock record in the vein of Jimi Hendrix and Sly and the Family Stone. You’ll also find some blues and memphis rock stuff on there like Big Star and Alex Chilton. I really think you would find some great stuff on my blog that would interest you.

    Please stop by and let me know what you think. If you like my site, would you be so kind as to add me to your “Townies” list on the right.

    Best to you, Kevin

  5. hey hey my new brother.

    Thanks for posting this and for all the efforts to keep spreadin’ classic soul!


    paul brown -keyboardist/MD for ann p. 18 yrs.

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