AD Presents :: Drive-By Truckers, February 11/12

drive-by truckers

The Drive-By Truckers are getting ready to embark on their Home Front World Tour, in support of the new LP Brighter Than Creation’s Dark. Aquarium Drunkard is presenting the 1st two dates in Anaheim (House of Blues) and Los Angeles (the Avalon). We have fifteen pairs of tickets (5/Anaheim, 10/LA) to give away to AD readers.

Winners were notified yesterday; check your email.To enter for a pair, leave a comment below with your favorite Cooley penned tune – and be sure to state which date you’re interested in, Anaheim, CA, or Los Angeles. Also, leave your first/last name – with a valid email address – so we can contact you. Winners will be contacted by the end of the weekend.

MP3: Drive-By Truckers :: Two Daughters And A Beautiful Wife
MP3: Drive-By Truckers :: Space City

38 thoughts on “AD Presents :: Drive-By Truckers, February 11/12

  1. “Carl Perkins’ Cadillac” off of The Dirty South album is one of my favorites. “Life ain’t nothing but a blending up of all the ups and downs…”


  2. Definitely the lead off track to The Dirty South album, “Where The Devil Don’t Stay.” (Anaheim)

  3. Gotta say I’m diggin’ “Check Out Time in Vegas” from the recent disc…

    thanks (SUNSET STRIP!)!!


  4. My favorite Cooley-penned song in from Decoration Day: Sounds Better in the Song. I like the lyrics: realistic. Sad.

    I’m interested in the Feb 11 (Anaheim) Drive By Truckers show.


  5. “Coming home with a bottle, trying not to break the seal.” (Love Like This)

    Great songwriters are able to capture the essence of a song by distilling it to a single image or phrase. Cooley has the uncanny talent for doing just that with lines like the one above making him one of our countries top songwriters in my book.

    Patrick’s note above is another great example…
    “Saw you standing in the hallway, red plastic cup, and one of those big long cigarettes”


  6. “Bulldozers and Dirt” – LA

    I ran a small mixtape club for a while a few years ago. My friend Jenni who had just moved to NY made an electronica/britpop-centric mixtape with this little gem stuffed in at the end. The saving grace of the mix.

  7. ‘Space City’…fo sho

    On a side note, thanks for the heads up on that Silverlake show last night…had an amazing time…


  8. Zip City is arguably the best song ever to fly down the highway with, windows down and singing along with to the top of your lungs.

    Hood/Cooley in ’08


  9. “Bulldozers and Dirt” off of Pizza Deliverance. Bought it from some random indie record shop in Atlanta while on a road trip through the south in 1997.


  10. Would have to be the first Truckers Song I ever heard, Women Without Whiskey, just an amazing song.


  11. Hey, don’t sell NMAS.s involvement short! One of the best bands around, and Luther is probably my favorite guitarist on the planet.

    (Not entering for tickets. Alas, I am on the wrong coast)

  12. gravity’s gone

    don’t ever let them feel
    like saying what you want is unbecoming
    if you were supposed to watch your mouth all the time
    i doubt your eyes would be above it…


  13. duh, forgot my last name too. whoops. its in my email. my name is my email. yes, my name is hotmail.

  14. My favorite Truckers/Cooley song is “The Living Bubba”, from the album Ganstabully.

    I’m interest in the 2/12/08 show at the Avalalon In Hollywood.

    My name is Chris Rehr and I can be contacted at or

    The Truckers are bitchin’ and so are you for offering this. And congrats on getting to promote their gig!

  15. Ive got my tix to the Avalon show so we’ll see you there.

    Cooley tunes – where to start?

    Think it has to be “Love Like This” from Pizza Deliverance.

    and Saturday morning ill be singing these blues
    last night i slept with my boots on again
    one cut on my forehead
    one on my chin
    on the hard oak floor with nothing to cover up with
    you got me real good girl and i must admit
    you pack a pretty mean punch for such a pretty little dish
    and its a shame that most folks dont know love like this

    Runner up – “Daddy’s Cup” on The Dirty South

    recorded live in one take and the band gets lost at the end “listening to the story”

  16. Does anyone have a setlist from the Avalon show? I’m a fan and I STILL didn’t pick up on about 4 of the song titles. Great f-ing show, btw.

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