morrisey-colin-meloy.jpgWhile I’ve never been accused of being an avid Decemberists fan, I am a Smiths/Morrissey pundit, and think The Decemberists principle songwriter Colin Meloy released a genuinely great EP of Mozzer covers – back in 2005 – while doing a solo acoustic tour. Both his style and vocal approach were perfect for the, for the most part, lesser known Morrissey tracks he covered throughout.

Meloy followed this up, a year later, with with his tour-only EP Colin Meloy Sings Shirley Collins, and has now stated that fans can expect a Colin Meloy Sings Sam Cooke EP at the merch table during his upcoming solo Spring tour. So to tally up: I really liked the Morrissey set, the Shirley Collins set was an enjoyable curio — but, I have to say, I could not be more skeptical of this forthcoming set, as the adjective “soulful” is one I would never associate with Meloy. Guess we’ll find out this Spring.

In related news, this April, Meloy is set to release his first live album, entitled Colin Meloy Sings Live!, covering the Smiths, R.E.M., Pink Floyd, Fleetwood Mac, and Shirley Collins (via).

MP3: Colin Meloy :: Jack The Ripper (Morrissey cover)
MP3: Colin Meloy :: Pregnant For The Last Time (Morrissey cover)
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  1. […] New Music Friday: Fifty-Fifth Edition New in New Music Friday, two things. First, for each song posted, I’m going to list the genre, or at least my best guess. And B, for each artist I post, I’ll link back to that artist page in Zune Social. From now on, when you click the band name in each of the NMF links, you’ll get to their page in the Social. We’re cool like that. Ok, let’s get to it: First up this week, Stereogum has a new track from What Made Milwaukie Famous (rock) Tromboneforhire, a buddy of mine in Social is hosting a free MP3 on his site: soul singer Natalie Martin. Head over to ‘tracks for a great remix of NIN’s classic “Hurt” (gothic/industrial rock?) You Ain’t no Picasso has a track from The Monkees, which he calls “delightfully psychedelic” Sweet! Head over to MOKB for three Tapes N Tapes tracks (rock that is awesome). Cool mashup – Vampire Weekend (rock, also awesome) vs Styles P (rap), get the MP3 over at Gorilla vs Bear. Check out Drug Rug, over at Rockinsider, who urges “look past the name.” And you should; they are awesome (rock). And, Frightened Rabbit rock Cleveland (rock) More in the long line of awesome covers that are awesome: check out The Decemberists frontman Colin Meloy covering Morrissey (rock), over at Aquarium Drunkard And last but certainly not not-awesome, folk/country singer Barton Carroll has a pair of tracks at 3Hive If you think I totally got the genre wrong, leave a comment; I’ll fix. Ok, have a great weekend everybody!  |  Friday, February 01, 2008 8:02 PM  |  0 Comments Tags: new music, Friday  […]

  2. Sometimes I suspect that I would like the Decemberists a lot more if I lived during the Italian renaissance. I think Crane Wife was a very good record. The rest is hit or miss. I hear they’re huge among people who enjoy dressing up as pirates for Halloween.

  3. […] From the great news-n-MP3 aggregator An Aquarium Drunkard, comes a couple of free downloads. First, I’m a big fan of the Decemberists, that is, until I realize that I haven’t owned any of their records since 2003’s brilliant Castaways And Cutouts, which is so good I’ve worn out my tape copy twice and the original CD has been forever lost to an ex, but whatev. Not bitter. Anywhoo, Decemberists main man Colin Meloy is fond of putting out little tour-only covers EPs on his occasional solo acoustic jaunts, and in 2005 his merch table was  selling Colin Meloy Sings Morrissey. “Pregnant For The Last Time” doesn’t quite work without the full rockabilly backing, but his version of “Jack The Ripper” is a gorgeous re-working of what is many fan’s favorite Moz song and confirms my long time suspicions that Mr. Meloy would probably be a virual one-man Smiths/Morrissey karoake machine if you got him drunk enough at a party. Sphere: Related Content […]

  4. Interesting to hear some solo work. Thanks.

  5. as a long looong time fan of The Smiths/Moz I was highly skeptical when I first heard about this. but then I saw him play the songs in person, bought the CD, and have been a big fan ever since.

    high quality Morrissey coverage here. I think you posted the two best cover versions on the EP but Meloy’s “Sister I’m a Poet” is also outstanding.

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