The Cardinals :: January 30th, Los Angeles, CA

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I’ve witnessed numerous incarnations of The Ryan Adams Show over the years; the good, the bad and the ugly. Last Wednesday evening, here in L.A., Adams and his band, The Cardinals, transcended all three coalescing into what was the tightest, most inspired, most professional and above all, most entertaining Adams show I’ve seen yet. Two separate sets of full-on rock & roll — the kind of show you always knew Adams was capable of, but only hoped he would one day deliver upon.

The last time I saw the band, somewhere in the neighborhood of 18 months ago, the playing was inspired but the delivery was at times frustrating with multiple start/stops at the beginning and middle of songs. Such inconsistencies have seemingly evaporated — Adams and the Cardinals are now delivering the goods full-steam ahead and doing so without losing any of their spontaneity and charm. What once appeared to be duct-taped together, now feels like a brand new, well oiled, machine. Not to worry, all of Adams self-deprecating humor and banter remain intact, only sans the teetering on the abyss anxiety that used to be part of his live stock and trade. After seeing this sober/reinvigorated Adams, I doubt I’ll let another 18 months go by before seeing his live show again.

+ Set list and additional photos (by Mano) can be found HERE…

The below tracks are from Ryan Adams and The Cardinals 1.29.08 Santa Cruz, CA performance — the night before the Los Angeles date. You can find the entire set, in FLAC, here at


MP3: Ryan Adams & The Cardinals :: Peaceful Valley (live, Santa Cruz)
MP3: Ryan Adams & The Cardinals :: Bartering Lines (live, Santa Cruz)
MP3: Ryan Adams & The Cardinals :: Freeway To The Canyon (live, Santa Cruz)
MP3: Ryan Adams & The Cardinals :: Mockingbird (live, Santa Cruz)
MP3: Ryan Adams & The Cardinals :: Off Broadway (live, Santa Cruz)

The Cardinals :: January 30th, Los Angeles, CA – Royce Hall, UCLA

Set I

Peaceful Valley>
Beautiful Sorta
Rescue Blues (Ryan on piano)
Sun Also Sets (Ryan on mic)
Why Do They Leave
Everybody Knows
Elizabeth(Ryan on piano)
Please Do Not Let Me Go
OMG Whatever, Etc.(Ryan on mic/Graboff on piano)
Sacophogus (improv metal song)
Goodnight Rose
Come Pick Me Up
Oh My Sweet Carolina
I See Monsters

Set II

Lobby Song (Ryan on the Wurlitzer?)
Dear Chicago
Evening Joke w/ Mr. Graboff
Rip Off(Ryan on piano)
Freeway To The Canyon
Off Broadway
A Kiss Before I Go
Two(Ryan on piano)
Goodnight Hollywood Boulevard
Easy Plateau
Bartering Lines

Set list via: ++ ++ lost highway records

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7 thoughts on “The Cardinals :: January 30th, Los Angeles, CA

  1. I agree the last half of this tour beginning in CBus where I saw him was one of the most wonderful musical displays I have seen live. I too have seen all the incarnations and like them all in different ways. This though displays on all levels him for the genius that he is.

  2. one of the top performers out there….when are you going to do a show in Walden NY ?? Serious, Ryan displays what music is all about,,,,what you feel like playing and HOW you play (loud,soft,crashing, just don’t give a shit) , nice.

  3. After immersing myself in 2 months of ‘All Things Ryan Adams’ upon seeing the Cardinals back in September (’07), I took a break once my brothers started referring to RA ‘your boyfriend’ in jest. After 3 months of listening pretty much to ‘anything but’, I have to say I’m even more convinced of this guy’s importance and the chemistry of the Cardinals.

    ‘They make me wanna be a better (guitar playing) man’ Rock on, Cardinals.

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