+ SXSW announced the official artist lineup this week. We are doing our two day Hot Freaks! event again – stay tuned for details over the next few weeks.
+ Soul Sides highlights Bob Azzams brand of original gumbo funk, circa 1968
+ The Rising Storm gets a podcast component to the blog
+ Little Hits pens a love letter to France Gall
+ Daytrotter presently has sessions from Tulsa and Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin
+ Home of The Groove has a whole mess of funky Mardi Gras inspired tracks up
+ Pitchfork is streaming R.E.M.’s first single from their next album Accelerate. Listen HERE…

MP3: Waylon Jennings :: Ramblin’ Man
Amazon: Waylon Jennings – Ramblin’ Man

+ Download Waylon Jennings music via eMusic’s 25 free MP3 no risk trial offer

One Response to “Now Read These :: Ramblin’ Around The Internets”

  1. Love this pic of Waylon. Anyone who considers themselves a honky tonk country fan or a fan of country-rock, and hasn’t heard Waylon Live, is doing themselves a disservice. Dude could shred the Tele and his band, The Waylors, were all first-rate players.

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