Tina Weymouth and Grandmaster Flash – NYC, 1981 (credit: Laura Levine)

Alright, first off, how great is the above photo? Yeah, that’s right. The other night, while I was programming a DJ set, I was inspired to dig out my copy of the Tom Tom Club’s 1981, self-titled, debut. Not unlike the vibe the Talking Heads were working at the time (see the Remain in Light album), the Tom Tom Club’s material was heavily influenced by the poly-rhythmic funk of world music, but was also buoyed by the urgency of the recent meshing of New York’s downtown art crowd with the, then, emerging hip-hop scene. This being so, it’s almost poetic that the Tom Tom’s debut would end up, two-plus decades later, as heavily sampled as the music it was, in part, emulating, and paying homage to, at the dawn of the eighties.


MP3: Tom Tom Club :: Genius of Love
MP3: Tom Tom Club :: Wordy Rappinghood
Amazon: Tom Tom Club – S/T

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7 Responses to “Stepping In A Rhythm To A Kurtis Blow…”

  1. That is a great photo! Two important, late-70’s New York musicians that one wouldn’t ordinarily associate with one another, but once you think about it, makes perfect sense! Love your blog, btw. Have had it bookmarked for about a year.

  2. bihannon, bohannon, bohannon, bohannon…

  3. Exactly – none of us back then would have predicted that Chris and Tina’s little side project would still be fresh 25 years later …. amazing!

    This post is yet another reason why AD is the best blog around. Thanks and keep it up.

  4. jaaaaamesssss browwwwn……….jaaaaammmeessss brooowwwwnnnnn…….

  5. i love the talking heads an that first song is liveable..

    wordy rappinghood, however, is not. gross.

  6. awesomest photograph in the world?
    tina weymouth and grandmaster flash, yes it is.

  7. If my research is correct, Chris & Tina are the 3rd most successfully married rock (sensu lato) couple ever. Only Ashford & Simpson and the Captain & Tennille have been together longer.

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