The news last year that Stephen Merritt’s next Magnetic Fields LP was to be coated in a thick slather of distortion, a la Jesus & The Mary Chain’s Psychocandy, seemed to elicit two immediate and disparate responses: “what??”, and, “yeah, that could be interesting.” I fell into both camps, as while I may be a longtime JAMC fan, I am also used to, and comfortable with, The Magnetic Fields go-to “sound” that they have perfected and expanded upon over the years. The prospect of Merritt’s often intimate songs drenched in feedback sounded like a desperate gamble; a gamble which – as it turns out – ended up being a good move. The album takes Merritt’s muse in a new direction without sacrificing what made us fans to begin with.

The Magnetic Fields are set to play the Henry Fonda Theatre, here in LA, on March 2nd.

MP3: The Magnetic Fields :: Too Drunk To Dream
MP3: The Magnetic Fields :: California Girls
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3 Responses to “The Magnetic Fields :: Distortion”

  1. I think Too Drunk To Dream is the best track on the album, and aside from 69 love songs vol 1, this is their best record to date. hope the live show is better than it was in 2004. cause that shit was borrrrrrrrrrrring.

  2. really looking forward to this show 🙂

  3. I need to somehow find me a ticket. This record is dope.

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