As our good friend, and fellow afro-beat enthusiast, Gorilla vs Bear, mentioned last week, Soundway Records has just released the compilation Nigeria Special featuring funk, r&b, afrobeat, soul, highlife, psych, and other subgenres from the region. I have many a collection from this era and region, and, so far, this comp is hanging with with the best of them.

Elsewhere: Jeff Weiss currently has a Fela Kuti MP3 primer up on his site. It’s a great intro to the late Kuti’s incredibly vast catalog.

MP3: Celestine Ukwu & His Philosophers National :: Okwukwe Na Nchekwube
MP3: The Anambra Beats :: Ayamma
Purchase: Nigeria Special – Nigerian Blues 1970-76

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4 Responses to “Nigeria Special :: Nigerian Blues 1970-76”

  1. now i’m on a fela bender… i suppose that’s not an entirely bad thing.

  2. Doood…love this stuff. Right up Y2’s alley.

  3. I’m reading Fela’s bio right now. Insane life, man. Also picked up Ghana Soundz recently – another great collection.

  4. CHW, great purchase. Ghana Soundz is fantastic – I play “woman made the devil” a lt on my shows.

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