Mats fans have something to look forward to this Spring, as the band’s Twin/Tone catalog is finally getting the deluxe reissue treatment, remastered, and chock full of demos, unreleased outtakes, etc, etc. (April 22 via Rhino). Fans of the the band’s latter era albums also take note, as the Sire catalog reissues are tentatively set for a late 2008 release. (via billboard)

Rhino’s final reissue in this batch, “Let It Be,” is regarded by many as the Replacements’ best album. The 1984 release boasts indelible tracks such as “Unsatisfied,” “I Will Dare” and “Androgynous”; it is here bolstered by an alternate version of “Sixteen Blue,” the home demo for “Answering Machine” and covers of the Grass Roots’ “Temptation Eyes” and T. Rex’s “20th Century Boy.”

Click here to read the update in its entirety plus the tracklisting for the previously unreleased material.

The Replacements :: Pleased To Meet Me


MP3: The Replacements :: Unsatisfied
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6 Responses to “The Replacements :: Twin/Tone Catalog Reissued”

  1. So I’m wondering, mostly about the eventual Tim re-issue – are they going to fix the atrociously thin and tinny production, or is that something they can even go back and fiddle with? I’ve always hated the production on that album, despite it having probably my favorite ‘Mats song of all-time, “Left of the Dial.”

    Needless to say, I’m selling all my old CD copies of the Twin/Tone records soon as I’ll be buying all of the re-issues. The extras are killer.

  2. It goes without saying that this makes me very happy.

  3. Someone sent me a copy of Boink!! several years ago, but it’ll be nice to have (relatively speaking) shiny copy of some of those demos. Tim is my overall favorite, though, and I’m still waiting on those Sire re-issues.

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