Piano Players Rarely Ever Play Together (1982)

Big kudos to the folks at Cinefamily, who have taken over L.A.’s Silent Movie Theater, bringing a tasteful, eclectic batch of films, of every genre and era, to the city. Last night I checked out their screening of Piano Players Rarely Ever Play Together, which documents three generations of New Orleans piano legends coming together for the first time (Tuts Washington, Professor Longhair and Allen Toussaint). For those interested in the evolution of New Orleans music, this is essential viewing. The above YouTube clip is taken from the film.

Details: “Piano Players Rarely Ever Play Together” is a 76 minute portrait of three great New Orleans pianists and how they influenced one another’s music. The three keyboard artists – Tuts Washington, Professor Longhair and Allen Toussaint – are featured playing together for the first time in a rehearsal for a joint concert. The rehearsal turned out to be the only time the three ever played together, because Professor Longhair died two days before the scheduled performance. The documentary takes viewers through the very personal and sacred New Orleans tradition of a jazz wake and funeral procession for Professor Longhair, which was taped at the encouragement of his widow, Alice. Also included is the previously planned concert with Toussaint and Washington, who turned the event into a tribute to Fess.” (via)

MP3: Professor Longhair :: Tipitina (live)
MP3: Allen Toussaint :: What Is Success?
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7 thoughts on “Piano Players Rarely Ever Play Together (1982)

  1. There is actually a sad note to this story. The director Stevenson Palfi committed suicide. He was a great guy and he will be missed by those who knew him.

    Here a few links to some obituaries that give more background on him. We was working on a film titled Songwriter, Unknown about Allan Toussaint at the time of his passing.


  2. The director, Stevenson was a friend, and a great guy, and his loss affected a lot of us here in New Orleans. Great to see you and Cinefamily giving the film some props AD. Many thanks.

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