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“Howlin’ Rain make music to beat the steering wheel of your van to, or sing along with while drinking whiskey in the bathtub, on a Saturday night, with your dog.” — Ethan Miller (Howlin’ Rain)

Yeahhh, bring on the rock show. The above quote was taken from the initial Birdman Records press sheet, upon the release of Howlin’ Rain’s 2006 debut, and it could not have been more apt. I’ve caught Howlin’ Rain’s live show numerous times, now, since randomly stumbling upon them at a Sonic Youth afterparty in Atlanta two years ago, and they just continue to improve.

The sound: one part Comets On Fire circa Avatar (front-man Ethan Miller’s other gig), two parts the heavy blues rock of live Cream, and oh, say a healthy dash of Grateful Dead thrown in for good measure, gingerly peppered with CCR. Now counting rekkid mogul Rick Rubin as a fan, the band’s sophomore album, The Magnificent Fiend, is seeing a dual release March 4th via both American and Birdman Records.   Not afraid of the road, the band are touring the U.S. and the UK this Spring, possibly landing in a city near you.

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