Badfinger :: A Rule of Thumb?


As a rule of thumb, I tend to avoid most greatest hits packages. The logic behind this being that if one’s career is such that it **genuinely warrants a “hits” retrospective, than there is most likely a solid record, or three, to peruse on their own. But like any rule, there are exceptions. Reading Duke’s recent post on Badfinger reminded me of this, as I only own the single disc, incredibly solid, collection The Very Best of Badfinger, which, thus far, for years now, has been all the ‘finger I’ve needed in my life. Comprised of material from both the band’s Apple Records and Warner Brothers years, I had just assumed I was all set. But now, years later, having broken my own rule, I’m wondering if I have been missing out on some great stuff — you know, those deep album tracks, that only pop out to the listener over time. The ones you really have to earn, that often become favorites. Or, do the nineteen tracks on the Best Of collection sufficiently tell the (heartbreakingly sad) story of Badfinger?

So now I call out to you, the Badfinger faithful, for guidence — what all have I been missing out on here. Hit me in the comments with albums, tracks, outtakes, stories, etc. I’m ready to “come and get it.”

**Speaking of greatest hits packages, what’s up with that recent Libertines best of release?? The band only released two fucking albums!?!

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MP3: Badfinger :: Baby Blue
MP3: Badfinger :: Come And Get It
Amazon: The Very Best of Badfinger

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17 thoughts on “Badfinger :: A Rule of Thumb?

  1. my friend got me into the magic christian music soundtrack recently—it’s been on pretty constant rotation–midnight sun is a great song and I don’t think it’s one of their “hits”–

  2. You could/should own any of the sets from while Pete Ham was still alive….there really isn’t a bad one….but since you are asking for specifics….from Badfinger’s Apple CDs my favorite was/is the last one….”Ass”….includes great songs like “Constitution”, “Timeless” and “Apple of My Eye”.

    The Warner CDs aren’t bad but they just seemed rushed and thrown together…the self-titled set is my favorite of the 2 sets from the Warner catalog…It has one of the best songs the group did, “Lonely You”, along with solid tunes like “Know One Knows”, “Just A Chance”, “Dennis” & “Meanwhile, Back At The Ranch/Should I Smoke”.

    But as I said before, everything that Pete Ham was a part of is worth owning….he was a great talent gone much too young.

  3. “Straight Up” is fantastic… Plus, you can stare dreamily at the band’s hair in the cover photo. Wowza.

  4. Dude, your lazy. Do all the work. Because it’s so worth it. It seems like your ignorance doesn’t warrant these shortcuts, although shortcuts is a bad word, because you’re denying yourself the journey of discovering new music, that’s the best part, the journey.

  5. ‘Straight Up’ rules! That’s all I had for years then I eventually bought all the other Apple and Warners records. ‘Wish You Were Here’ is a later Warners record and it is pretty incredible. It usually gets overlooked because they’re kinda out of their ‘Beatles’ phase. Their BBC stuff is mighty good too.

  6. As hits albums go, I’m more partial to the sequencing of the earlier “Best Of Badfinger” that Apple put out, but it doesn’t include the Warner material. That said, I heartily recommend “Straight Up” and “Wish You Were Here”, followed by “No Dice” and “Badfinger”. Each have gems that deserve more love.

  7. Pablo’s missing the point as well as his handle on the difference between “your” and “you’re”…

    In addition, I have never thought “oh, I need to get some badfinger records.” I may have been mistaken.

    In finality – the Libertines shouldn’t have a “greatest hits” record – but a ‘box set’ (hah!) would serve well – as I’m partial to every track they cut… minus one or two perhaps… or perhaps not.

  8. “Straight Up” is their masterpiece. “Wish You Were Here” is fantastic. “No Dice” and “Badfinger” are power-pop classics. Basically what everyone else said. Even “Ass” is worth getting and their crappier albums like “Say No More” have some gems. A fantastic, underrated group.

  9. 1974′ s Wish you were here: In the meantime, Some other time. This recording is like their Abbey Road. This song is sooo Beatles The Best of Badfinger Volume 2 has a couple of songs from Headfirst and most of Wish you were here

  10. as far as greatest hits packages, that very best of is very well done. that said, there are definitely plenty of great badfinger/ham solo tracks not on there. here are a few favorites:Magic Christian Music — Crimson Ship, Walk Out in the Rain; No Dice — I Don’t Mind, Believe Me; Straight Up — Take It All, Perfection; Ass — Apple of My Eye; Ham’s 7 Park Avenue — Catherine Cares, It Doesn’t Really Matter, Live Love All Your Days, Just Look Inside the Cover; Ham’s Golders Green — A Lonely Day

  11. ‘Very Best’ is a solid comp, but ‘No Dice’ and ‘Wish You Were Here’ are complete statements that may as well be greatest hits packages. ‘Straight Up’ is good as well, very good in spots, but a step down from those other two.

    A stunning omission from ‘No Dice’ is Believe Me, which is a grittier, more concise version of Without You … and sonic kin to The Beatles’ Oh Darling … with soaring vocal harmonies, equally soaring guitar harmonies in the solo, and a melody that 99% of bands would kill for. Blodwyn is a great country-pop number, like something Rick Danko would’ve sung on The Band’s ‘Stage Fright’ album (think Time To Kill). When you add in the 5 bonus tracks, it’s a no-brainer. If you have a power-pop bone in your body … and when you hear rockers like Watford John or Get Down, you realize there’s as much power as pop … ‘No Dice’ is a must-own.

    I’ve heard ‘Wish You Were Here’ compared to ‘Abbey Road’ and ‘#1 Record’ and there’s a good reason for that. It’s flawless. Not only is there not a weak track, I’m not sure there’s a weak moment. The cuts on ‘Very Best’ … Love Time, Dennis, and the Ranch/Smoke medley … are fantastic cuts. But every song is a fantastic cut. Just A Chance sounds like it could’ve fit in on ‘Who’s Next,’ You’re So Fine sounds like a country-pop Cheap Trick, King Of The Load sounds like a ‘Band On The Run’ outtake in the best sense, and so on. Bottom line … get this one and ‘No Dice’ you will be handsomely rewarded.

  12. My mom told me she went out on a blind date with one of the guys from Badfinger. I have no clue which guy and I think it was in Tulsa, OK. she said they went to get pizza or something and that it was an all around swell time. So there, not the best story (actually really really boring) but covers the extent of my ‘finger knowledge.

  13. To J$-I know the difference between your and you’re, don’t be one of those people, it’s tired.

    To the Blogger. I apologize for the lazy comment, it’s just that any music fan should know that Badfinger is a band that should not only be celebrated but should be pursued, for many reasons outside of their amazing hits. Anyway with that being said, I would not only highly recommend you to listen to “Dear Angie” off of Magic Christian, I would buy all their 70’s albums lock stocked and barrel, especially the above mentioned one, but I would easily go for- No Dice, Straight Up, Wish You Were Here and Head First. You seriously cannot go wrong with those albums. The highlight tracks are lesser known, are-
    Dear Angie (I have to mention this again-MC)
    Midnight Sun (Magic Christian)
    Knocking Down Our Home (Magic Christian)
    Dennis (Wish You Were Here) (it’s on the package set, but it’s so great, listen to it again)
    Flying (Straight Up)
    Love Is Easy (self title)
    Just a Chance (Wish You Were Here)
    Got to Get Out of Here (Wish You Were Here)
    Lay Me Down (Head First)
    and a bonus track from Magic Christian called “Arthur”
    Listen to all those and then let the music convert you. I mean this band was backed up and signed up by the Beatles! The Beatles! Plus their story makes for a horrible tragedy. The two main songwriters and singers both committed suicide!

  14. Great Post!!. It’s time to recover the legacy of one of the most fascinating rock bands of the whole history!!
    I listen the songs included in “No Dice” almost every week, and every time I discover new reasons to love Badfinger even more.

  15. There’s tons of great stuff beyond the hit singles. Most of my favourite Badfinger cuts are album tracks that remain unknown to most music fans. The best albums are, in my judgment, Straight Up and Wish You Were Here. The weakest is probably No Dice, which I think has only 3 really good tracks.

    Anyway, why not start your research with my ‘Joey Molland special’ podcasts? No. 1 in the series has already been posted, more to follow.

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