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Our favorite Austin export, White Denim, will be stopping by the Aquarium Drunkard show tomorrow at Little Radio. Tune in, live, and be sure to check out the streaming video of the performance. See the band live @: Noise Pop (San Francisco), Plug Awards (New York City), SXSW (Austin) or a town near you.

MP3: White Denim :: Dark Sided Computer Mouth
MP3: White Denim :: Shake Shake Shake
Video: White Denim :: Migration Wind (Live @ Hot Freaks! 2007)
Purchase: White Denim – Let’s Talk About It (ep)

www.whitedenimmusic.com ++ white denim myspace ++ more white denim mp3s

+Download tunes at eMusic via their 25 free MP3 offer

3 Responses to “White Denim :: Live (Today) @ Little Radio”

  1. Hello there. I’ve been faithfully reading and downloading anything funky on this blog for quite a long time now; but, having been away from the Internet last month, I just came back to tumble upon 2 great Meters’ lives (in NYC+NO).
    Finding that there aren’t online anymore, I am literally sinking in a ocean of despair.
    As the etiquette forbids me to ask directly for them, I humbly ask if the readers who happened to download them would be kind enough to mail them to me. Please, feel free to contact me if you know where I could get these recordings!
    Thank you in advance, and keep on the good work!

  2. …and… seems like the email adress is hidden 🙂 niniel3-at-wanadoo.fr
    (Yes, fr like France. That’s international fame.)

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