Noise Pop ’08 :: The Broken West/Walkmen

Drove up to San Francisco yesterday, immediately following White Denim’s performance on my Little Radio show (do see them live), and arrived in the city about 10:15. Got to The Independent for the Broken West/Walkmen show, just as The Walkmen were taking the stage. That boy can play the drums (see above video).

Anyone in town for Noise Pop? What are you checking out, band wise, this weekend? Hit me up in the comments.

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6 thoughts on “Noise Pop ’08 :: The Broken West/Walkmen

  1. I’m not gonna make it to Noise Pop, but if you’re looking for a cool way to get tapped into the festival while you’re on the road you should check out Whrrl: the web and mobile sponsor of Noise Pop this year. (disclaimer: I work for them, BUT I wouldn’t tell you if I didn’t think it could help.) Here are some deets:

    Whrrl gives you a way to discover specifics about the festival while you’re mobile, but without having to lug around various maps, pamphlets, or god forbid try to remember a line-up or start time. Basically, Whrrl puts the entire festival at your fingertips via your mobile device, and it gives you a way to instantly share your location and experiences with friends.

    Say you’ve got friends at multiple venues; you guys can use Whrrl to do group text notifications about live shows and in a snap find out from each other which bands are killing and which might suck.

    It’s not only a great way to ditch the clutter and confusion of maps and materials, but is a great way to tap the tribal knowledge of a whole group of people spread across different places and get real-time info on the best shows.

    All Noise Pop 2008 attendees can sign up for the free Whrrl service by texting the code “NP” to Whrrl (94775). Once registered with Whrrl, anyone can use their mobile device to instantly access information about the various venues, artists and performances, and also find and share locations and concert reviews with friends.

    It’s free, you’ll like it, and at the very least, by signing up you’ll get thrown into a raffle to win a Blackberry Pearl.

  2. I’m going to a bunch of shows, but most of those are sold out actually: tonight’s Magnetic Fields show and Sunday’s Mountain Goats and She & Him shows. I’m also going to hit up the Diesel happy hour w/ an acoustic set from the Morning Benders. The Dodos/ Or, the Whale show last night was excellent.

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