magnetic fields

Tonight: We hit up the second night of The Magnetic Fields SF stint, at the Herbst Theatre, as we will not be back in L.A. next week for Field’s Henry Fonda shows. As expected Stephen Merritt and his posse served up both a mix of the old and the new, highlighting some of our favorite moments on the recent Distortion LP. Great show, but I have to wonder what “new” fans, only familiar with Distortion’s decidedly Jesus & Mary Chain vibe, are going to think when treated to the group’s typical acoustic, super mellow, show. But, then again, as a friend mentioned when posed with said question, maybe they are beyond new fans.

Also: Sat in on a Daytrotter session earlier in the day. Some great stuff is being recorded, this week, and next month in Austin during SXSW. Keep a lookout for upcoming sessions.

MP3: The Magnetic Fields :: Too Drunk To Dream
MP3: The Magnetic Fields :: California Girls
Amazon: The Magnetic Fields – Distortion ++ ++ eMusic

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  1. Homey, you never disappoint. Wish my blog was half as good as yours.

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