The Black Keys :: Have Mercy On Me


I’m happy to hear everyone jabbering about the upcoming Danger Mouse produced Black Keys album Attack & Release (April 1). It’s good for rock & roll. If it’s anything like the first single “Strange Times,” (available at iTunes) we’re in for a real treat. Here’s two off 2006’s smokin’ covers EP, Chulahoma.


MP3: The Black Keys :: Keep Your Hands Off Her
MP3: The Black Keys :: Have Mercy On Me
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7 thoughts on “The Black Keys :: Have Mercy On Me

  1. Very excited for the new one, loving that first single. Glad to hear that some of their work with Ike Turner should surface at one point in time. Pretty cool to hear that Rod Stewart wants to make an album with the Keys backing him up.

    “Meet Me in the City” is my favourite from this great EP.

  2. they have another new track on their myspace page called “Lies”. It is killer!!

  3. Wasn’t Chulahoma all Junior Kimbrough covers? I wouldn’t call that “their pinnacle.”

    Their 2006 full-length – Magic Potion – is definitely their best work to date.

  4. New album is fantastic. Sonically it’s the best thing they’ve ever done, and the songs are really strong. They’re really branching out…great arrangements featuring vibes, organ, flute (!), guest spots from Marc Ribot and “Uncle” Ralph Carney, and a killer album closing duet (with Jessica Lea Mayfield) make for a real step forward for those two fellows. Can’t wait to see how some of this stuff translates live if the touring band is still just the two of them.

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